Specialists for retrofit & CE-upgrade service

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Update for your equipment

Well-tried and tested used machines are often descardes simply because they no longer meet the requirements of today. Wear, an outdated security - there are many reasons that speak for a new acquisition. However, there is a good reason to the contrary: BONGARD

We update your equipment to the needs of today taking into account your specitiv needs. An upgrade to modern safety technology (CE) or a complete retrofit - we make your machines and equipment fit for the future.

The Bongard Upgrade Process

1. Engineering

  • analysis of your requirements
  • preparation of a risk assessment concept (CE, Machinery Directive EC 2006/42)
  • explore the feasibility and costs
  • individual offer

2. Implementation

  • risk assessment analysis (possibly in cooperation with your quality management; Machinery Directive EC 2006/42)
  • production planning together with you
  • ordering the necessary components and parts
  • mechanical / electrical work
  • test run
  • delivery

3. Commissioning

  • set-up of the machine
  • commissioning
  • maintenance
Examples for retrofits, reconditionings and upgrades:
Cu rod breakdown drawing line:
steel wire drawing line:
rolling mill: